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Mathematics is children’s nightmare… Of course, parents come before the children… We have created a mathematics perception in our lives that children who understand mathematics can do all the other lessons and they are intelligent children. We even set math as an intelligence criterion. Unfortunately, even among educators, the number of teachers who perceive mathematics like this and impose this on their students is not very little.

One of the most common parental mistakes in this regard is taking about the difficulty of mathematics nearby their children. Submitting the “mathematics is fun” perception to the child’s subconscious instead of sending “mathematics is difficult” will be more accurate in terms of their future academic achievement.

Okul Öncesi Dönemde Matematik                                                                  

Learning by playing games is the best and most permanent learning in children. You can even make your child love mathematics by playing games before the child begins to school.

During this period, they can learn counting numbers with entertaining songs and nursery rhymes. Pre-school children’s brains can do this. But there is no rule that they will all learn at the same age and at the same time. The child’s learning should be spontaneous in the game. To impose this on the child, to do pressure for learning, or to compare your child to other children is very damaging.

With colorful beans, sticks or abacuses, they can do addition and deduction very simply. When doing this, you should say “Let’s play with the acabus” instead of “Let’s study mathematics.”

Mathematics In Primary School

In this period, of course, the teacher is very influential about the child’s mathematics love. However, parents’ approaches are also very effective as the teachers. These approaches can move the child away from mathematics. In this period, especially in the first three grades, the child is still in a state of concrete thinking and can be challenged in mathematics. Parents should materialize every subject that the child does not understand in mathematics. Actually, if you bring your child the ability to learn mathematics with figures and schemes, they will go this way whenever they cannot and develop their own concrete learning skills. Remember that the primaery school child is still in playing games period and life is not just mathematics. Perhaps it will be more useful for them to run and play outside, to do different activities at home, to do activities about their favorite lessons. Maybe your child is a famous writer or a famous athlete of the future. Let them develop themselves in the field they want. However, when doing this, of course, the other courses should not be ignored. We want to emphasize that if the teachers and parents in primary school period do not have wrong attitudes, the child can already be successful in mathematics. What they need are your trust and self-confidence.

Mathematics In Middle School And High School

High school and middle school mathematics can be challenging especially if our child is a child whose verbal intelligence predominates and this is normal. However, in the educational system, mathematics is necessary in every way more or less. So you can support the child if it is difficult, you can provide that your child is solving problems regularly and revising. Just by doing them, you’ll find that your child’s mathematics is at the level you want.

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