Children and Sports Coaching in Children

What Sports Should Children Do?

Exercise is extremely important in terms of the physical and psychological development of children. Exercising is a form of self-expression. While exercises help with children’s physical developments it also is important for their personality development. It’s also good for human health and psychology. Exercising can be considered as a way of spending energy and discharge. Exercising has benefits like anger management, leading a healthy life. It also helps with socializing.

All these factors show how important it is to sports children. Your child might be talented in sports. Parents can test it with different sport branches they involved when they were younger. Thus, parents might shaper their children’s future. but children don’t have to shape their future on sports. All individuals should be able to do sports and start from early ages if possible.


Picking a sport branch for your children according to their ages

Children’s sports preferences are important. When picking a sport for your kids, you should consider their age. The physical characteristics of your child are also important. Especially children in developmental period, can have very different physical structures even if they’re at the same age.

2-3 Year-Olds: Children at this age have the ability to walk and run. Optimal sports must be selected for their physical condition. Of course, they can’t do sports professionally, but they can be provided with sports that don’t involve running and walking. Children in this age group should be accompanied when playing games, they should run with someone else supporting them, they should play games in garden and dance.

Children 4-6 years: children of this age have made the transition to the next stage of walking and running. So they can now participate in activities such as swimming, jumping rope, do gymnastics exercises, and so on. They start riding a bike. They should start with three-wheeled bicycle. When doing serious sports such as swimming and gymnastics, there must be professionals and experienced persons looking after them. The child should never be left alone. Children begin to control their moves from the age of 6. For this reason, children’s sports preferences an be made after they’re 6.

7-10 year old Children: They can continue swimming and gymnastics. Besides these, they may be interested in sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, handball and tennis. They can lay the foundations of these sports to get professional later on.

Children at the ages of 10 and older: They can do all the sports mentioned before. Apart from those, they can start athletics. They may also be interested in martial arts in the coming years.

All this information is for parents to take into account the age and physical characteristics of their children.


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