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Ways of Increasing Breast Milk

Breast milk is very important for babies. Babies are only fed this way during the first 6 months. They don’t take any substitute food. For this reason, it is important whether the breast milk is enough. Especially for the first time, the parents are hesitant about whether the milk will be enough or not. There are easy ways to tell if your baby is fed or not. Likewise, there are ways to increase the mother’s breast milk.

You can breastfeed your baby every time he/she cries because little babies wake up when they’re hungry. They should also be breastfed for an average of 2 hours. Of course, your baby will give the right decision. If you want to understand whether your child is hungry or not, you can pay attention to some aspects.

If your baby is acting like hungry while you are breastfeeding,

If the baby remains on the mother’s breast for a very short time,

If retardation is observed in growth and development, you can carefully examine the situation. You may be able to use some milk boosting methods to prevent your baby becoming unsatisfied.

Milk Increasing Methods

It is important that you have enough milk for your baby, because the only food that can be fed is mother’s milk. In addition, even if you go towards substitute food, it won’t replace mother’s breast milk. For this reason, you can try some methods to increase breast milk.

First you should pay attention to your nutrition. In order to increase the milk, you should pay attention to your fluid intake. You should pay attention the amount of water and liquids you consume.

Massage can increase the amount of milk. You can search for the massage and apply the right massage.

You should pay attention to your daily breastfeeding amount. Make sure you breastfeed your child minimum 8 times a day. It could be more than it is though. By saying daily, you should consider 24 hours.

Your baby should relax comfortably on your lap while you are breastfeeding. Your child must feel comfortable. So he/she will want to suck more.

If you give your child a pacifier the first time, he/she can get away from her mother’s breast. For this reason, your child should only suck from his/her mother’s breast.

One of the most important ways of improving the mother’s breast milk is breastfeeding. So no matter how little your milk is, you shouldn’t give up on breastfeeding. The more you breastfeed the more your milk will be. Therewithal, using breast pump can increase milk as well. Sometimes you can take the advantages of breast pumps.

Another important issue is that when you are breastfeeding, you should go on with the other breast when one’s empty. This will increase milk production. You should be careful not to have milk in your breasts.

As for nutrition, it is known that food such as rosehip and cemetery increase the milk production. Although there is no definite information on this subject, it is the food used among the society. In general, those who use cummin say that they benefit from it.


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