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Ways To Increase The Success Rate Of Test Tube Baby Procedure


Test tube baby is a method that is being applied for women who can’t get pregnant. The person who will receive and the other family members can be affected both emotionally and physically in the process of test tube baby. People who start this journey have the feelings of faith, determination, happiness and also disappointment. With the advancing technology and the new information system improving more and more each day, the success rate of getting pregnant through in vitro fertilization is getting higher and higher. This is also a great hope for families. In addition, there is a significant increase in the success rate of this practice due to alternative methods that can be applied by those who want to become pregnant with IVF.

What can be done to increase the success rate in IVF?

There are some alternative methods that can be done in order to be successful in the in vitro fertilization method, which enables most of the most advanced applications of modern medicine, although most of the families that want to have children this way can’t be successful. With these methods, the success rate of the IVF application will increase.

What are the alternative methods to be successful in vitro fertilization?

  • Acupuncture: according to researches, getting acupuncture sessions before and after2 sessions of embryo transfer increases the rate of women getting pregnancy success. Again, according to the researches the women who receive in vitro fertilization treatment while having acupuncture and the success rate of getting pregnant increases to 34%.
  • Yoga: Yoga, in whatever age and place, affects people who do it in a good way both physically and spiritually. This is the same for women who are in the treatment of IVF. Yoga, which strengthens immunity and muscles, speeds up the blood circulation of the body. Yoga movements, which are good for women’s reproductive and fertility health, are generally forward-leaning movements that will work the internal leg and abdominal muscles.
  • Qigong: This exercise is originated in China. It’s used in Chinese medicine and it is also seen in martial arts. If we take the word meaning; the meaning of “chi” is “life energy” and “gong” is also an examination. This system includes regular breathing techniques and physical activities. Just like yoga and acupuncture, it accelerates blood circulation, reduces stress, and generally achieves spiritual well-being. In this case, the chance of getting pregnant is increasing for the person who is seeing the treatment.


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