Children and Sports

Ways to Direct Children to Sports

Ways to Direct Children to Sports

 Sports must be done in every age, and it’s an activity that has a significant effect on spirit body health. Apart from being beneficial to health, sports help children to grow up with confidence. You can also contribute to their spiritual development by encouraging your child to do sports. While emphasizing the importance of lifelong sport and exercise, it should be kept in mind that being active is also important for children and adolescents. Considering children no longer play on the streets, they have sedentary lifestyles because the children are forced to spend time at home. Considering that the number of children who have diabetes and obesity around the world is taken into account, it is up to parents to educate them to become a generation that do sports regularly. Children who play sports can be healthier, consciously active and happy individuals both at present and in later ages.


How to direct the children’s sports?

You can go to watch basketball, tennis, volleyball matches on weekends with your child. You and your child will be able to socialize with sports activities in the city. Participating with your child in school or local league tournaments will increase their interest in sports. An increase in the interest for sports will be seen in children when they see the athletes enjoying it during matches. When the weather is nice, there should be activities that you can do with your family. You can go for a walk, play games during a picnic or exercise outside together. If possible, organize these activities with your relatives and their cousins at the same age ​​and play games together. Describe the importance of sports and exercise to them and be an example by doing regular sports. Convince them to go to sports summer schools, which they will be interested during summer vacations and tell them they will grow up more by exercising. They will be more interested if they’re asked their opinions. Keep your child that is interested in sports informed and help them learn the principles of sports. Teach children they can either win or lose in sports and that’s completely fine. If your child lost the game even if he/she did his/her best, tell that it’s okay and make him/her comprehend that it’s quite natural to lose. Focus on your child’s effort and congratulate him/her for it. When your child is doing sports, do not compare him/ to others and do not let him/her compete. Watch movies about sports with your children. Get books or magazines about sports and show them how sports are a part of life. Support your child at all times and ensure that they gain confidence and become confident individuals.


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