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Toilet Training of Children

There are certain periods for toilet training of children. The toilet training period is generally between 2 and 3 years, although each child has individual differences. The approach to children in this period is of great importance. Because oppressive or irrelevant approaches can lead to personality disorders in later ages. Toilet training should be given at the right time. For this, experts suggest between 18 months and 3 years. But since each child’s physical development is different, you should be careful that your child fulfils some tasks.

Toilet Training of Children

Parents should not rush during toilet training of children. In this period, children should be treated with patience as much as possible. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is to compare your child with other children, because every child is different. There may be a month difference between them. There’s no such a thing that the child will get used to toilet training when he/she is 18 months old.  Some children can complete this period successfully in a few days. But for some children this period can be longer. Patience till the age of 3 should be considered for your children to acquire this habit. After 3 years you can consult a specialist.

Time in toilet training: experts say that the best time for this is summer. Because of the high temperatures in the summer months, you can prevent your child from getting sick. In toilet training, the child must fulfil some developmental tasks. Some features such as walking, hand and foot coordination should be seen in children. It is meaningless for a child who can’t walk to gain a toilet habit, because the muscles have not developed yet. He/she may not be able to control the urinary system.

Patient Behaviour: You must be patient with your a child because of the characteristics of each child are different. Some kids can earn this habit right away. Some may take their time. But if your child has no health problems, sooner or later you should be patient for him/her to gain this habit.

Using Promotional Products: You can use interesting products for children. You can get a special little toilet for him. However, using exercise panties can also help. You can even go to buy these products together with your child. If you go shopping together, you will inform him about toilet training in advance. Thus, instead of rushing into the training right away you can prepare your children during shopping for these products.

Tell inculcatory things: to him/her You can start suggestions when you go shopping. “You’ll use the restroom like us now.” “From now on you’ll have your own toilet.” You should prepare your child for this situation with such words. So the child will be ready to acquire toilet habit.


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