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The Situation of Weaning Children

It seems that mothers have diffculties when weaning their children. This is the most annoying incident for mothers and they can not withstand their children’s crying. Some mothers cause their children to be disgusted from herself, and rub things in their chests to cool themselves. However, as a result of this incident, the child is also losing trust and mischievousness to the mother. In the process of weaning children, the bond of trust between the mother and the child should never be damaged and one should be very careful.

The mother should never keep her child away from her and give her a sense of confidence. In addition, it will be easier for the mothers to know that the child needs to fill the same 24 in order to wean. Because after 24 months the amount of food the child needs will not be met from the mother and the child will become mild. The child will now understand that he/she must be weaned. At this point, mother should start the process of weaning.

But in some children, it may not be time wean at the 24th month. This period can be extended until the 30th with the child’s emotional attachment to the mother. In this situation the mothers should be careful and patient. Because, as a result of the mistakes that they make can cause their children to become cranky.

How  should the weaning be carried out?                                                                      

  • Weaning should be done gradually, not immediately. The mother should first divide the breastfeeding into two parts, night and day. She should then determine how many times she has breastfed during the day.
  • After determining, the mother should first reduce daytime breastfeeding hours. For example, if she is breastfeeding 10 times during the day, she should reduce the number to 7 and breastfeed like it for one week. When the child wants to suck the mother, the mother should not stay away from the child and should love her by taking her in her arms.
  • After a week, the number of breastfeeding should be reduced to half. The same procedure should be followed and milk should be given by bottle in extra. Of course, when doing these things, mothers must love their children in their breasts.
  • Mother should breastfeed regularly one in the evening, one in the morning by decreasing the number of daytime breastfeeding per week. Then apply the same operations for the night. By decreasing the number of breastfeeds half per week and reaching the minimum number of breastfeeding, the child will no longer feel grumpy because he/she knows what time he/she will suck. Although they will have problems at first, children will get used to it after a while.

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