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The Most Suitable Pet for Children

The Most Suitable Pet for Children

We have discussed in our previous articles how important animal love is for children. We should choose the right animal for us and our children.

In this article we will try to answer the question “Which pet is the most suitable for children?”

There is no clear answer for this question. There are many criteria such as the locations and sizes of the houses and of course the child’s wish.

Which Pet Should We Have?                                       

It a good behaviour to let your child decide about the pet, but the children may have very extreme wishes in this regard such as having elephants or rhinos. Or, they can want a Sivas kangal dog even if your home is not suitable. It is the best to give a choice chance by offering alternatives.

If you decide to have pets at home, cats and dogs are the first animals that come to mind. Usually children will also prefer to pet cats or dogs firstly. However, the house must be available for these pets. If you live in an apartment, it is important that other neighbors do not get into trouble because of the barkings. If you live in a house with garden, you can pet many cats and dogs. Another problem with cats or dogs is that anybody may be has allergies to cats or dogs. Hairs of these animals may be harmful to the people who have allergic asthma. However, these animals are very beneficial in terms of giving the children a sense of responsibility and they can show their love more than other animals.

However, if you want to pet a quieter animal, the best suggestions are fsh or water turtles. These animals calm the human soul. The children can acquire a sense of responsibility while cleaning the aquarium or feeding the animals. The parents should follow that the child carries the responsibility of him/her for the pet.

Another option might be to a rabbit. It can be harder to prepare an environment for a rabbit and to give a toilet habit than cats and dogs.

Feeding a hamster also sounds fun to the kids. They are extraordinary animals. They are not selective about food. Also, they are economic animals. You will not have much trouble with caring for it. But they are short-lived –they only live 2 years maximum- and this can be a disadvantage.

Another option might be to have birds at home. It is a beautiful animal with it’s voice and it is not difficult to care for them. They are emotional and they need attention. In fact, all animals are. It is best not to have them if you will not care for them as necessary. You have no right to upset an animal.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that the best thing is to adopt a street animal for children.

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