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Terrible Twos In Child Psychology

Terrible twos, a period in which children are stubborn with their parents, is a normal occurrence in almost every child. Although these days are difficult for some families, this period can be more easily achieved by having information about terrible twos in child psychology.

When Terrible Twos Start?

Terrible twos can start from 18 months and this period can continue until the child is 42 months old. It is a period when they are often insistent on their willingness to exhibit negative attitudes, to persist in not doing what is said to them. Now they have come out of the infant age that we can easily control, and instead a child comes to protest everything. They are the ones who insist on doing everything themselves and force the limits. Experts say why the child stubbornly believes that the two-year-old has general characteristics of the child. Terrible twos in child psychology, also present in scientific sources, is defined as the period of inattention and autonomy. So if your child is experiencing these kinds of problems, this is an extremely normal period. During the autonomy of the child, your child insists that everything he wants to reveal himself must be done absolutely.

Ways of Triggering the Obstinacy of Children

For terrible twos in child psychology, every shape, color and sound they meet, each object allows them to learn something new. In the process of learning that strengthens their perceptions, they are prevented from discovering something new in every “no.” Take care not to use this word for them. The child who is blocked from every behavior becomes nervous and this nerve makes them more stubborn. Everything they cannot tell you can make them stubborn because there is not too much language development. Treat your child with more understanding and patience, try to understand what he wants because he cannot speak and show him harmonious behavior. The energy of a two-year-old child is quite high. Allow use of the energy and create areas where he can use this energy. Parks, playgrounds, pleasant walks can be beneficial.. Being angry can be reflected in your contact with your child. When your patience diminishes, even if you react to the slightest things, your child may feel this and respond to you with the same reactions. The only way to cope with this period is to remain calm with him, no matter how much he resists. Do not be angry with him, do not obstruct him, do not scream, do not punish him. These behaviors make him more stubborn. Do not think that he is as incompatible, problematic child.

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