Education in Children

Suggestions for Effective Communication with Children

Children are aware towards their parents’ voices from the first day they are born. Communicating with them and strengthening affection become a part of their life. Therefore, the quality of communication with the child depends on the parents who know how to communicate with them.

The basic condition of being good parents is acting like understanding and knowing children, thinking that they are individuals and catering their needs instead of raising them with dull suggestions according to certain conditions and rules. The inherent individual characteristics vary for each child. Communication should be made taking into account the individual characteristics of children with different intelligence, emotion, thought and behaviour. Reacting in a timely and suitable way for each child will help you move to a healthy level of communication with them.

Communication has a great importance on the emotional and spiritual development of children. The reactions you give your child without knowing how he/she feels will push him/her into an introvert personality.

 Listen to Your Child

As soon as they start to say their first sentence, children who communicate verbally with their parents grow up as a healthy personality and social child if they are listened by their parents after completing language development. In environments where the child is allowed to speak, they express themselves better and become more open to communication. Parents who constantly express their thoughts towards children, we cannot say that there is a quality communication between them as long as they do not allow the child to speak. Parents who think that only they know the right and struggle about directing the life of the child prevent their child to express himself/herself and retain them from sociability.

The child who feels that he/she is listened and valued by his/her parents will not have an affection hunger. Thus, there will be a healthy communication way between the child and the parents. You will be showing your value, respect and affection to your child by making repetitions indicating that you are listening to him/her.

Communication in the Family

If there is a healthy communication between the parents, this will be effective for the communication between children. The communication of the individuals in the family with each other has a great importance for the child’s personality. The fact that the family is talking together about common problems and shows that the communication in the family is very good. Instead of criticizing them in their wrong attitudes and behaviours, you can communicate with the body language thart they will understand their wrongs.Children of all ages want their parents to express their interest about their words and feelings. For this reason, the interest shown to them should be aimed at eliminating their emotional needs.

The greatest punishment for a child is to ignore him/her. Sometimes this can be more aggravating than verbal anger. However, no child deserves to be ignored. Therefore, communicate with your children and educate them with the effective communication tips for children.

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