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Stuttering Problems in Children

Stuttering is one of the most common language problems in children. If stuttering is not treated in childhood, it will significantly affect the work and social life of the person in his later life.

Disrupting the flow of speaking, stuttering appears to cause language and communication problems. For a language to be fluent, it is important that the words are pronounced in the right order, emphasis and tonalities are made at the right time. The problem of stuttering emerges by extending the sounds and syllables and that disrupts the harmony of the language. Stuttering causes emotions such as anxiety, fear, excitement on the person who speaks. Stuttering can be treated. Early diagnosis and treatment have an important effect on the person’s social life.

In which ages stuttering appear?

 Stuttering is a problem that can be seen in almost all ages, but it is known to be especially evident in childhood. Stuttering in childhood appears the most around pre-school term between the ages of 2 to 6. In addition, stuttering can be seen in old ages and adulthood -which is less likely- can disappear after a few months. If it doesn’t disappear on its own, it is necessary to get help from experts. Most of the persistent stuttering in children appears before the age of 3.5 years. Stuttering is more common in men. The problem of stuttering is frequently seen in pre-school period in males, as well as females.

Why stuttering happens?

 There are so many different reasons lie behind the common stuttering problem in children. Experts have come up with many different views on this issue. While some experts consider stuttering arise from genetic factors, there are also the ones who see it as a learned behaviour. Stuttering is a problem that can occur due to rush of emotions. Emotional outbursts such as excitement and fear are among the factors that trigger stuttering. It is known that genetic factors are among the causes as well. The stuttering problem in the family indicates that it’s hereditary.

It has been observed that stuttering may appear more prominently in certain situations. It’s been confirmed that when someone will speak in front of a crowd or when a person is really nervous, stuttering is more explicit.

Stuttering Problem and Treatment

There are many treatment methods for stuttering in pre-school children. Seeing a speech therapist is suggested as one of the most effective solutions in this regard. With the help of the individual therapy, the problem of stuttering disappears and that person gains speech and communication skills even.

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