Solution Proposals for Sibling Jealousy

It will of course take time for the child to accept a new sibling. The sibling acceptance of the child differs according to age and family’s approach to the child. In fact, sibling jealousy is a feeling that must be experienced, it is a completely natural and inevitable process. Children’s sibling jealousy is a healthy condition and is normally considered as long as it does not go to advanced level. Experts say that the main factor in achieving balance in sibling jealousy is the parental attitude. Each child has different personal characteristics, it is necessary to anticipate that jealousy will also occur at different levels. The real reason underlying the sibling jealousy is “the fear of losing.” The fear that the child will lose the value in the eyes of the parents because of a newcomer to the house causes jealousy and causes emotional depression. For this reason, a pedagogue should definitely support the child before and after the birth, so that the child is ready for a new sibling.

Causes of Sibling Jealousy                                                            

  • The child does not want to share the parents with someone else, and it causes the anxiety, which is felt in this situation, to be reflected in anger and irritability.
  • The degree of jealousy between siblings depends on the changes in the attitude of the parents since the baby has arrived in the world.
  • Sibling jealousy is mostly related to the age difference between brothers. In siblings with little age difference, jealousy is less common.
  • There are differences in jealousy according to the genders of the children. If the new baby has a different gender, the child may think that his/her parents do not like him/her.
  • Some children have more jealousy in their personality traits. Therefore they can experience the highest level of jealousy.

Solution Proposals for Sibling Jealousy

  • Even if you have a newborn baby, take care of your child and spend time as it used to be.
  • You should not use words about jealousy, you should always express how much you love him/her. If you say “Do not be jealous of your sibling ” this will attrack your child’s attention and he/she will be more jealous.
  • You can get help from the child during baby care and make it a game and the child can have fun with his/her new sibling.
  • There should be work sharing. If the mother takes care of the newborn baby, then the father should be take care of the older child.
  • Do not make jokes that trigger jealousy. The sentence “I love your sibling more than you” may seem simple for you, but it can make a devastating effect for the child.

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