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Social Development: Baby at 0 to 12 Months

During the first few months of infant, social skills develop rapidly. Infant whose mother is lovely, has peaceful pregnancy and one whose mother has unwanted pregnancy don’t have same emotional and physical development progress.

Social Development: Baby at 0 to 2 Months

Baby communicates by crying in early 2 years. Parents find out what infant want by the way of crying like sleeplessness, hungry or having a wet nappy. Especially in first 2 months, socializing way is only crying. Thus, parents’ responses are important. Whenever infant cries, parents should affectionately come up and supply need. Doing so ensures the infant that s/he is loved and confident. Otherwise and when each parent behaves differently (As one shows love, the other replies angrily), s/he gets confused and feels insignificant. Coincide is important.

Social Development: Baby at 0 to 2 Months

Babies at 0 to 2 months recognize nearby people by their sound. Thus, talking to infant much has vitality for emotional and social development. For instance, when you talk to screaming infant, s/he calms down immediately.  This is due to need of socialization and communication.

After second month, baby starts smiling. This is also important for social development. When you talk to him/her, s/he shows happiness by smiling.

Social Development: Baby at 2 to 6 Months

S/he recognizes her/himself in mirror. They don’t look for missing objects. Thus, when working mother leaves home, infants don’t cry when primary caregiver leaves. They have emotional tie between mother or baby-sitter. They mostly find peace in their arms.

Social Development: Baby at 6 to 12 Months

They associate with a person after 7th month. They wish being with him/her all time and enjoys being in arms. After 9th month, they look for missing objects. They don’t want to be away from mother. However, it’s important for them to communicate and spend time with others. Meeting with fellows has is significant for social development. However, parents should not expect much from this since they don’t have developed skill for co-playing. Infants may get afraid of strangers. There is no need for parents to worry. It’s a part of development. To overcome, they should provide situations to gather instead of staying alone at home.

When they are one year old, they can recognize objects and set a game. As their capability for development, They should play much with fellows, communicate with p

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