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Slimness In Children

Slimness In Children

Many parents complain about their child’s slimness. Weight gain in children should be proportional to the age and height of the child. Unfortunately, the parents decide about their child’s slimness not scientifically but comparing them with peers. It is important to remember that the problem of our time is obesity, not slimness. However, according to mothers, especially during infancy, the fatter the baby, the healthier. However, weight is very harmful to children since infancy.

Causes of Slimness In Children                                                    

  • Although slimness  is often genetic, the parents exagerrate this situation. Mothers do everything they can do for their children to gain weight. Even when there is no need, they start feeding their children with formula for them to gain weight.
  • One of the biggest reasons for slimness is that the child does not want to eat at all as a result of excessive repression. If the child does not have an appetite or chooses a lot of food, putting pressure on the child is not the solution. There are many different methods to solve this problem. We mentioned these in our previous articles on children with no appetite.
  • We can also say that the cause of slimness in children is they do not have solid food and liquid balance. Some kids love to drink liquids. They usually drink a lot of water. Water is of course very healthy, but besides this, it can be difficult to gain weight if the kid is fed with liquid like fruit juice and milk. Especially in infancy, when they step into childhood, in general, if mother is breastfeeding or feeding with bottle, the child may be slim because he/she constantly wants them. Because now the baby is grown and single type of nutrition is not enough. Particularly if the baby is over 2 years old, it is beneficial to start feeding with solid foods instead of breast milk or bottle.
  • Another cause for slimness is that the child is overactive. Very active children have difficulty in gaining weight due to movement, which is why weight gain is slower when babies start to walk. This is normal unless it is too extreme.
  • Although it is said that for elders to avoid carbohydrates and oils, enough carbohydrate intake for children in the age of growth is very important. Because they have to consume a balanced amount of all food groups to gain weight, grow and develop, as well as to provide the energy they need.
  • In addition to this, slimness or weight loss in children should be overcome by taking the necessary tests with the help of an expert. There can be many reasons for this, ranging from adenoid to metabolic diseases.

Finally, we can say that weight is never healthy. Even if your child is close to the sub limit, you should not have the obsession for them to gain weight. The important thing is to raise healthy children, not overweight.

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