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Sleeping Problems in Children

Sleeping problems in children is a problem that every mother may face, because babies and older children sometimes experience uneasiness with sleeping problems in certain periods. In this way, parents are uncomfortable. This problem can have several causes. In particular, understanding the problem in babies is difficult at first, but you will start to understand his/her language over time.

Causes of Sleeping Problems

Sleep problems in newborn babies is very common. Mothers may be worried because they don’t know the reasons for it. But there may be several reasons for this. Dirty diapers, being hungry, gas pain are among the reasons. You can be sure that there is not a problem in these by checking the diapers and feeding your child. If the baby continues to cry despite everything, and there is no other health problem, it may be due to gas pain. In this case you should pay attention to the intervals of breastfeeding. Excess milk and frequent intervals may cause sleeplessness due to milk gas pains.

You can gently massage your baby, which is suffering from gas stains, by lying his/her face down on your knees. So the gas can come out and your baby can finally relax.

When it comes to older babies, it may affect their sleep to be in the crowd during the day. Children who stay in the crowd during the day may experience sleeping problems. You can pay attention to that.

If a guest comes to your house that day, the child who is playing for hours and who is on the move may not go to bed immediately, he/she waits guests to leave. This is a very normal condition. You should choose to understand instead of pushing him. The child who lost his/her sleep needs some time. During this time, you can read him/her a book and make him/her fall asleep. You can talk and give him/her a massage. But if you get them used to massage every night, they might expect you to do the same when they get up in the middle of the night. In such cases, you will inevitably be challenged. Maybe if you stop the massage before your child falls asleep will prevent it from turning into a habit.

What to do?

If your child is sleeping a lot during the day night sleep is decreasing. For this reason, you can reduce the daytime sleep of a child who doesn’t sleep at night. If your child is getting up early in the morning, this will cause him/her to sleep more during the day, so you can make him/her get up later in the morning. If the daylight fills the children’s room early in the day, you can buy thick curtains. You can prevent daylight to wake your child up. But if he/she is afraid of the dark, you can use extra lighting. Having toys in their room can also distract your child for a while after he/she wakes up. This way your child won’t wake you up early.

Sometimes mothers send their children to their rooms to punish them. However, this room is the place where the child will spend the most time and you may disincline your child from his/her room. You should pay attention to that.


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