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Do Seizures Harm the Brain?

Do Seizures Harm the Brain?

Eclampsia occurs in the brain so it it’s related to it. Especially seen in babies and very young age groups, eclampsia can also be seen in all age groups. The cause is due to rapid brain development process of children. Normally, the duration of brain development starts from infancy to adolescence. Disruptions can occur in the brain’s rapid change and development process. The resulting disruption leads to eclampsia. Other factors may arise from genetic structure, environmental conditions.

If your child is constantly looking at a spot constantly for a certain period of time, if his/her teeth are tightly locked, if the foam is coming from his/her mouth as if it’s a detergent, if he/she can’t hold his/her poop and urine, if it’s spread all over the body it can be said that he/she is having eclampsia. The age groups of children who have the most frequent eclampsia are 2 to 3. It is also seen in 6-month-old infants and the ones until the age of 6. Eclampsia in children takes less time than expected and does not cause any permanent damage.

It is necessary to follow the child who has it. We mentioned that it doesn’t cause permanent damage to the child. But in some cases we should also know that the possibility of permanent damage is high. This is assessed by the length of the eclampsia period. If it takes over 20 minutes or if the child has more than 1 seizure within 24 hours.

If there is movement and weakness on the right or left side after the eclampsia is over, the possibility of permanent damage can be mentioned.

Parents whose children have such a disease have a great deal of responsibilities. First of all, to maintain calm, to change the position of the bed so that the child’s tongue does not block the respiratory tract, to make the children lay on his/her side. Immediately removing child’s clothes, use fever reducing wax if you have that recommended by a doctor. Giving child a lukewarm bath.

If they aren’t done absolutely and damaging even more, try to open the locked teeth of the child. Try to give something from their mouth, liquid, anything. If there is a contraction area in the child’s body, try to solve it. All of these behaviours give the child more harm than good.

The damage to the brain because of eclampsia depends on the duration of it, the seizures, the immediate first aid and the medical support received.

If an empty gaze, unnecessary speech, temporary loss of memory are seen during eclampsia it should be known that there won’t be any damage after doctor applies the necessary treatment.

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