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What is the definition of good mother? Is loving, devoted, disciplined or self-sacrificing mother a good mother? The definition of the good mother is different for everyone. In particular, inexperienced mothers have a fear that they will be good mothers or not from the time of pregnancy. First of all, it is worth pointing out that motherhood is an instinctive feeling. If you are a reading, conscious mother and if you do not have a psychological problem, you can certainly be a good mother.


What If I Make A Mistake?


The biggest concern of the mothers is their regrets after the instant angers. You may get angry at the child for a moment, then you may cry because of the regret. These are all very normal feelings you need to know. Do not hurt yourself. The only beings purified from bad behaviours are angels. You can make mistakes because you are not an angel. The important thing is that you can notice that mistake. When we look at it from this perspective, realizing your mistake and regret about it is a good sign. Because unrecognized mistake can not be compensated. An adult told me that her mother beat her once. But the interesting part is that the thing which is engraved in her subconscious is not the beat, her mother embraced her, apologized and kissed her many times and that was engraved in her subconscious. Making mistakes are normal for people but we have to make up for it so that they can forget our mistakes.


Qualifications of A Good Mother


As we said at first, there is not a definite rule. But if we mention a few common things, we can sort them like:

  • Be positive. Begin with your own affirmation that you will do to your child. Think affirmative things such as “I’m a good mother. I’m raising a good child.”
  • The more you communicate with your child, the closer you will be to him/her. Use communication techniques according to the age. Play games with them in babyhood and school period. In this period, the mothers think that they are good mothers because they are cleaning the baby’s bottom and feed the baby with all kinds of nutritions. However, the child perceives life as a game in this period. Let your house stay dirty, your priority should always be games.
  • Please smile. Nothing can take the place of a smiling mother. Smiling when your child come to the house or taking with your baby with smiling give them peace.
  • Accept your children as they are. You will immediately say “I accept my children as they are.” But in fact, questions such as “How much your child weighs?”, “How tall your child is?”, “How is your child’s school success?” do not stop. There is always a comparison under the unconscious. Even if you do not make it clear, your child will feel it.
  • When we give unconditional love to children, we should also teach them not to be selfish individuals. We should teach them how to share. They cannot learn to make sacrifice if you always make sactifices one-sidedly. It is important to raise children who are able to stand up against the world’s thousand different kinds of problems.


In short, if you read this article, then it means that you are a mother who endeavors to be a good mother, who reads and researches. So you are “a good mother.”

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