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Reasons For Tics in Children

Parents, whose children have tics are warned by experts. Tics seen in children are not conscious behaviours to draw attention. According to the experts, tics can sometimes be biological, and sometimes can be caused by psychological factors such as domestic stress. Obsession and tics are separated from each other. Tic is some voices or movements that are caused by some muscles contracting in the body, except short-lived. Tic has two types. The first is the motor tic and the other is the sound tic. Motor tics are; lifting the nose with a finger, throat cleaning and blinking, whereas voice tic is sniffing. These two species are also caused by the short, non-rhythmic and rapid contraction of certain muscles that are present in the body.

Is obsession and tic different?

Obsession is a different situation. Obsession is thinking of unreal things unwillingly; like worrying dreams, urges and thoughts. In general, a person who is obsessed will exhibit certain behaviours in order to reduce the rate of difficulties that this condition has created and so relax. Actually tic and obsession are different but it can be said that they’re related in a way. These two conditions are similar because they both originate from the same area of the brain. But their treatments are not the same. The tics may be prevented for a while but they are restart unintentionally. Biological factors have a great effect on tics. The effect of environmental stressful factors can’t be denied. Environmental factors can also cause an increase in the number of tics. It has been explained by experts that if children are happier they may decrease their tics. The worries that children experience are not a factor in the formation of tic. In this case, the effect of biological factors is too high. Tics seen is a way to attract attention, something that is done consciously by the society, but in fact that’s not the way it is.

Is it curable?

Children who are diagnosed with obsession or tics, can be treated medically at first. Besides this, drug treatment is also absolutely necessary. In order to get rid of this condition, a drugless treatment is not possible. Drugs being used are medicines that are proportional to the child’s age, and families should not have any hesitation related to this issue.


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