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Bedwetting, which is a nightmare for parents, is sometimes caused by health problems and sometimes it’s only psychological in children. Physical and psychological causes are among the reasons for bedwetting. Diabetes, kidney and bladder problems are among the physical reasons. Early toilet training, oppressive attitudes of parents, family problems, phobias, sister or brother jealousy are among the psychological problems.

Reasons for Bedwetting In Children

Parents expect their children to learn toilet training in time and solve this problem on their own. The development of all the muscle system should have been completed in order for a little child to get used to for toilet habit. Although the muscle system function seems completed, children’s neuromuscular control is sometimes slowly developed. Bedwetting may occur which is caused by a slowly developing neuromuscular control. However, this situation disappears with the development of the children in progress of time. Bedwetting can cause tension in children. The supportive attitude of the parents is very important in this case. It can also be possible that the child is bedwetting on purpose for the attention of parents after a new baby sister or brother in the family. The oppressive attitudes of parents which destroy the emotional balance in children and are among the causes of bedwetting, cause fear and anxiety for children who start toilet habits.

Psychological Reasons

Bedweeting occurs as a result of the child’s inability to express his/her feelings verbally. The child who is not cared enough by parents show that he/she wants to be cared by bedwetting. Bedwetting may be observed as a result of excessive care. Discussions among the parents, overdependence on the mother and the protective attitude of the parents are among the reasons for this situation.

According to the researches, genetic factors are usually the underlying reasons for bedwetting. If the family had the same problem, the possibility of bedwetting in the child is around 50%. If this situation is experienced by both mother and father, it is up to 77%.

How to Approach to Children Who Wets Bed?

In fact, no child wants to wet his/her bed and face this situation. If your child is wetting the bed, then there is a situation which he/she is disturbed. Continuous bedwetting even your child is over 6 years old may require you to get professional help.Parents should communicate with the child correctly and give confidence to the child in such a situation. You should motivate them in order not to see the embarassing picture in bed when they wake up in the morning and convince them about treatment. Shouting, insulting, blaming and punishing cause loss of self-confidence. To ease this problem, it will be useful to keep in control the fluid consumption in the evenings and wake up the child at certain intervals at night.

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