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Preparing for Second Semester

Although parents can not say the same thing, the holidays finishes quickly for children no matter how long they are. Children have lots of fun during the holidays if their school reports are fine. They travel and rest very much. We whould like to say that the children are ready for the second semester after the holiday but unfortunately they are not so in general.

It is a little bit easier for the children who read books and do homeworks during the holiday than the other children.

Preparation for School                                                                                                          

First of all, it is very important for children to start school psychologically ready. At this point, children should be told about the importance of the school. It should be told that why we should go to school and the things we acquire from the school. Children who do not know why they do to school cannot be ready for school. It is very important to do planning for the second semester. It is also advisable to prepare a study program for the weaker courses. When planning the problem, it is necessary to play with the child. Especially, it is very important to determine the number of books to be read and set the target.

In planning, not only the courses but also adding activities that the child will enjoy will motivate him/her. In this way, the child will be motivated for the second semester.

It is particularly difficult for the child to adapt to the school again after the longer learning process, especially for freshmen. At this point new school supplies can be bought with the child to motivate him/her. At least a few pencils, pencil box, new storybooks that the child wants will motivate him/her.

Wrong Attitudes of Parents                                                                      

If parents get mad at their children while trying to adapt them for the school, this situation will directly send negative messages to the child’s consciousness about school. Sentences such as “Be ready for waking up earlier” or “You will be only studying instead of playing games” will cause to lose their motivation about school instead of providing motivation for children. On the contrary, it will be good to say things such as “I’m sure your friends and teachers miss you so much, you will be seeing them everyday.”

The First Day of School

The first day of the second semester must be the day when the Monday syndrome will be at it’s peak. Make plans for Monday. You can do whatever the child enjoys. It could be going out for lunch, going to park or even playing the games that the child enjoys at home.

You can take a step to make the whole class happy if you are a sensitive parent and especially if you have a freshman child. By cooperating with other parents, you can prepare a nice surprise for the whole class, which will increase the motivation of both the teacher and the students, and they will be motivated for the second semester. Do not forget that kids will be happy with a chocolate or a balloon. Why do not you present small joys to all the children when they are still able to be happy with small things.

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