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According to the experts, to provide a healthy development in families playing games is really important. According to the researches, children in pre-school period reflect their inner world naturally and purely when they play games. There are exactly four values ​​of the game, it’s therapeutic, educational, diagnostic and developmental. Did you know that babies start paying games from the moment of birth? Toes, fingers, mother’s breast are the first toys of a newborn baby. Then the pacifier, the baby bottle comes. When he/she lies, following moving object with his/her eyes is also a game. Especially in the third month when the difference between object and person has emerged, this situation becomes more apparent.

Play games with your child

The game is an intentional activity to enjoy without thinking about the end result. It is actually a subtle link between the world of imagination and the real world. There are mothers who have drawbacks about playing games with their children. There is a secure connection between the child and his/her mother’s love and compassion. A child who establishes a connection with the aforementioned secure attachment becomes an open child for cooperation, who can play when the school year comes. The opposite, insecure attachment that occurs in the case of neglect and abuse, is seen mostly in children who grow up with a caregiver. In this case children’s human relationships gets worse. When he/she starts school, he/she can’t be a peaceful, affluent, well adjusted. Children who play with their friends can now distinguish between the concepts of someone else and me. He/she can clearly see the positive and negative aspects of him/herself and his/her friend. Through games, children’s accumulated energy is spent socially and emotional satisfaction is provided.

The link between rules and ethics

Children’s muscles develop when they play games. Physical development is achieved. When playing games with friends, rules are learned and the concept of cooperation is being accessed. So social development is being completed. The concepts of number, colour etc. are realized. The child who plays games with rules then learns the rules of morality. Because of this reason, the physical and social development value can be seen. Of course at the same time there is training value. In addition to these, there is also a therapeutic effect. When children play games, they experience emotional cleansing.


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