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Parenting Tips to Help Your Children Blossom

Raising a child is a difficult process for parents. Because they gain the basis of their personality traits and attitudes that day will display for a lifetime in the early years of childhood. That’s why the reactions the children face with in their families and environments are important. Your approach will be perceived in their inner world and that will shape their behaviours.


Praise your Children

One of the things to pay attention when raising a child is to praise your child. Guilt develops at an early age in children. Especially, if children around the ages of 3 and 6 not praised but accused by their parents, guilt prevails in their future life. This situation affects both their educational life and their social life negatively. Instead of criticizing each of your children’s wrong behaviour, you can tell them about better behaviours. It would be better to explain what they’ve done wrong without hurting them. Blaming statements shouldn’t be made. In fact, after warning a child positive statements should be made for child to not to think he/she is being criticized.


Don’t Compare Children to Others

Every child is special and precious. When raising a child, parents sometimes compare their children to the children of others. When the child succeeds on something, parents might make negative statements like, “You couldn’t succeed like him/her.” “Your friend has won, but you couldn’t, why can’t you make it?” These negative statements include comparison. But each child’s world, learning level and interests are different. For this reason, failing in any area won’t make your children unsuccessful in general. There is certainly a subject that he/she is successful. Parents’ part on this is to set appropriate goals for their child. And knowing their child’s needs without comparing him/her to others.


Let Your Children Be Present in Social Environments

In child education, for his/her communication skills to be stronger and for social development of the child he/she should be present in environments with different people. Child needs to know new people, make new friends and see different environments. Child can go to the playgrounds, to the parks or join the adults in different environments. Child can be involved in games or accompany the others. The places they visit and people they meet will be an experience for them.


Give Freedom of Expression to Your Children

Children’s prevention freedom of expression is the one thing that harms them the most. . They should be able to express their ideas clearly. Restricted child may experience personality problems. In adulthood these problems will show themselves more. A child who can’t express his/herself can get angry and develop compliance problems.

Children within the family should be given the right to speak. Parents should listen them seriously and approve. The child who feels he/she is being supported to speak more will gain confidence. It’s important for confidence satisfaction. Parents need to praise and support their children’s good behaviours and follow a temperate approach in correcting their children’s mistakes.

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