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Oral and Dental Health in Children

Importance of Oral and Dental Health


The beginning of the digestive system is the mouth and all the food is taken orally. Oral food is prepared for digestion with the aid of teeth. Oral and dental health is very important because oral and dental form the basis of nutrition. Again decayed teeth also affect oral health and other organs in the human body. If you do not have healthy teeth and gums, you have a chance of getting diseases related to heart, kidney or veins.


Causes of Tooth Decay in Children


Milk teeth are much less resistant than other teeth. For this reason they decay quickly. The unhealthy milk teeth will also negatively affect the natural development of the teeth coming from below instead of them.

The permanent teeth instead of milk teeth come, for this reason, it is a big mistake to disregard the milk teeth. Because the milk teeth take on their task until their permanent teeth come. That’s why, it is very important to protect the teeth of the milk. It is important for the child to get used to brushing teeth from early ages. Not brushing of the teeth is one of the causes of tooth decay. One of the big mistakes made by mothers is that the pacifier or baby bottle is dipped in sugar or jam and given to the child.


Milk tooth decay


Milk tooth decay has negative effects such as pain, bad smell, difficulty in chewing, malnutrition. If tooth problems can not be solved, there is a risk that you will face many complaints in the future, such as tooth distortion, disorder in chin development, and general health problems (from rheumatism to heart disease).

For this reason, you should not be made mistakes as if you do not care about milk teeth.



Can  the formation of caries be prevent? 

Fissure sealants, fluoride application and toothbrushing methods can prevent the formation of caries.

When brushing their teeth should begin in children?

It is necessary to start the use of toothbrushes in children aged 2,5-3. The aim here is to give the child a tooth brushing habit.  Your parents should definitely help children in this age group.

How should a toothbrush be selected for children and how long should it be changed?

Toothbrushes made from soft and nylon bristles suitable for the mouth structure of the child should be used. The hard brushes are not recommended because they will damage the teeth and gums. The toothbrush should be replaced on average every 6 months.



How many times a day should children brush their teeth?


We have children brush their teeth twice a day, at least in the morning and evening. In this way, both oral and dental care are done and toothbrushing habit is gained.


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