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We want to mention about the terrible threes that you all hear from somewhere and occur in children from time to time. Sometimes difficulties can arise during the development of children who give great responsibilities over their parents from the moment they are born. Unfortunately, some things may not be calm and right as in their babyhood. As they grow up, new habits emerge. This is in fact a proof that your child is an individual and that he/she is also has a desire and a choice. Terrible threes are one of these developments. If you are desperate at times when they are sometimes stubborn and constantly crying, imagine that you are the thousands of parents who encounter to the same situation with you and relax.

Growing children show changes not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. A child who is at the age of 3 is now more independent and becomes involved with the environment. Children who are socializing, playing with other children and enjoying with self-expression are very rich in terms of self-confidence. On the other hand, they show changes such as imaginary playmates, learning their own gender and adapting to coustesy rules.

How to Behave to the Child With Terrible Threes?

Children aged 3 years who have a very good ability to interrogate are targeted specifically at the rules that are set for them. If this period, you will be faced with questions such as “Why cannot I? Why cannot I go?”, giving answers in a short and understandable style will relieve the situation. You will have difficulties when you encounter frequent anger attacks. But in such situations you will have to push yourself a little and be patient to getting over them. When you act like this, both you and your child will be relaxed while getting over the problem. In this period, when the parents are in constant conflict with each other, 3 years old children try to get what they want. However, the children whose desires are done in these anger attacks will be get used to this situation, which can be got over in the future. It would be wrong to imagine that children who have anger attacks, beat their heads, break their toys and constantly crying will be problematic children in the future. It will be a positive act to tell the situation by talking them in order to take control of them and to take their care to other aspects to relax them. This should be taken into consideration as the calm of the parents will cause the children to calm down. When the child gets angry, you can leave the room and wait for him/her to calm down. You can control their emotions by making it easier to express themselves with different gameplay options. You should use body language and cause them to relax and feel precious by touching and giving compliments while talking to them. When you act positively, make sure that your child will get over this period comfortably and will have problem solving skills at little ages.

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