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Nutritional Supplement In Babies

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Nutritional Supplement In Babies

The effect of the mother’s milk on babies and their benefits is indisputable. The first six months, only the breast milk is recommended by doctors for babies. For this reason, breast milk is very important. Breast milk is the most suitable food for metabolism of babies. In addition to supplementary nutrition for the baby’s development, it is important to continue the breast milk until the age of two. Children who were fed breast milk for the first 6 months were found to be more resistant to the diseases. However, this is not always possible. Because of the different causes such as inadequate breast milk, mother’s unwillingness to breastfeed and baby’s lack of weight gain, babies should be fed with nutritional supplements. Well, when should be the transition process for nutritional supplements for the babies?

Starting to Nutritional Supplements

From the day the baby came to the world, miraculously formed milk in the chest of the mother is indispensable because the digestion is easy and it contains many vitamins and minerals for the baby. Children who are fed with mother’s milk are less likely to get sick. But as the baby grows, the mother’s milk becomes inadequate. The question of when to start the nutritional supplements is an issue that is engaging the minds of mothers. From the time of birth, for infants who are fed with only breast milk, the transition period for nutritional supplements has been seen as the sixth month by specialists. During the transition to nutritional supplements, babies may have difficulty in eating food. There is no need to panic for this. This is a situation to be overcome in time.

One of the most important things to note in infants who are getting additional nutrition; the food should be given when the baby is hungry and at noon. You should start feeding the baby one by one and in small amounts. If the baby does not want to feed on the new foods you give, you should definitely not put pressure, but should retry after a certain time. First, foods such as yoghurt and fruit mash should be preferred in the transition to supplementary food. When giving additional nutrients, fresh and natural foods should be preferred and bottles should not be used.

If your baby is able to sit down, it will be easier for you to give food in a baby chair. You should be very patient as it will take time to get used to the food for babies. Before you breastfeed, you can make it easier to adopt by giving vegetable soup first. Homemade yoghurt and kefir can be your first choice. Although doctors recommend nutritional supplements after the 6th month, you can start giving fruit and yoghurt in 4th month, if your child does not want breast milk.

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