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Nutrition Tips For Working Mothers

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The biggest problem for working mothers is the feeding of children they leave behind. After birth, mothers take maternity leave. During their leave mothers should take care of their babies and pay attention to their nutrition. But when the maternity leave is over, the mother who is returning to work can’t be enough to her child. At this time the child is left with a caregiver. In fact, we see that baby is alone in the moments when he/she needs the mother the most. It is a pity to leave early because the new born baby will base his/her grounds of trust and love with his/her mother. But you can still get some tips on how to get the best out of it.

Small Tips for Working Mothers

If your baby is younger and you breastfeed him/her, if your mind is tuck on your baby when you go to work, you can relax a bit by trying the methods we have given you. First of all, try to find a way to meet your baby once more during the day. If your workplace is close to your home and you can go home during the breaks, you can go see your baby. So you can feed him/her yourself by breastfeeding. Instead of staying away from you during the day, you will have gotten together.

Plan Feeding

Nutrition of children who have working mothers must be prepared beforehand in advance. The mother, aware of the fact that she will be separated from the baby after the leave, should be prepared for the upcoming days. So it would be hard for both of them to leave the baby suddenly. For this reason, you can try practicing using bottle instead of breastfeeding. Thus, when the mother goes away, the child won’t have problems with getting used to the bottle. When the mother starts to work, the baby will be fed through the bottle during the day.

What should be done when you go back to work? First, the mothers should try to get up early in the morning. Get up early to meet the needs of your baby, change diapers and breastfeed. So you can spend more time with your baby. Before leaving the house, you must extract the milk by using manual or automatic breast pump and deliver it to the caregiver. Breast milk stored in suitable conditions can be given to the baby.

The baby will not see his/her mother all day long. If the mother can’t find a way and arrive at noon, the meeting of the mother and the baby will be possible in the evening. In this case the mother will have to spend time with her baby as much as possible at night. Of course there will be rushes like housework and food preparation. But your baby must be your priority, because you can’t see him/her the whole day. You can get help from your husband about housework. So you can spend more quality time with your baby.

Children Who Don’t Like The Bottle

Your baby may not get used to the bottle very quickly. For this reason, you can try experimenting with it before you get back to your work. Also baby bottles that are shaped like mothers’ nipple can be helpful.


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