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Natural Food That is Good for Diarrhea?

Natural Food That is Good for Diarrhea?

Lemons that we have in every kitchen that are rich in vitamin C good for diarrhea with it’s anti bacterial feature. Mixing the lemon juice with water, an making your child to drink it 3-4 times a day, will be effective in neutralizing the formed bacteria and stabilizing the stomach acid. At the same time, lemon and orange peel containing very high antioxidant and vitamin C gives the child much more effective results in diarrhea treatment.

Potatoes that have starch are really important vegetables that heal diarrhea in children. It is enough to boil it and feed the child with it during the day.

Banana, which is rich in potassium and pectin heals diarrhea and stops it in no time.

Preparing and consuming starchy fluids as much as possible is highly effective in stopping diarrhea. The child can drink rice water or eat rice brine.

One of the most effective methods of diarrhea is ginger consumption. Ginger is extremely effective in eliminating the causes that trigger diarrhea. Drinking ginger juice will help to destroy the bacteria that acquire it and increase blood circulation.

Along with the anti-inflammatory properties of black tea, it also helps to destroy bacteria that cause diarrhea.

Honey’s antimicrobial features are well known by everyone. This is one of the most definitive solutions to stop diarrhea in children.

Another effective herb is chamomile tea with the benefits it provides to the digestive system. Another herb to destroy stomach bacteria is cinnamon with its numerous benefits.

Among the fruits rich in pectin, apples also take their place. Cooked apple will help digest the intestines more easily.

The protein-rich boiled chicken is easily digested at the same time. It strengthens the metabolism and increases the energy of the child.

As well as stopping the child’s diarrhea by drinking blueberry tea, which is an antibacterial feature, chewing dried blueberries is also very effective. Or another method is to crush, after boiling in water, then tea can be drunk.

Mustard juice is another good remedy for diarrhea in children. It has anti-inflammatory and short-term healing properties.

Yoghurt, which can be found in every kitchen, heals stomach infections and diarrhea.

Another vegetable that is good for the digestive system is camomile tea, which removes inflammation in children with diarrhea. Camomile put in the boiling water should be given 10 minutes to brew before drinking and should be consumed as much as possible throughout the day.


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