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My Child Infested with Lice

My Child Infested with Lice

What Are Lice?

Their sizes range from 2-4 mm. They cannot fly. Varieties of them are available. They can be on head, groin and body. The most visible ones are hair lice. They multiply with excessively sticky white eggs. It takes within 7 – 10 days to get white eggs become mature lice. They are very easy to contaminate. They can also form spontaneously when hygiene rules are not observed other than contamination. It is very difficult to see them, but because the white eggs are whitish, they can be seen more easily on the hair. That is why parents should constantly check their children’s hair. The biggest symptom of lice is constant scratching.

Do They Cause A Disease?

They are fed by bite. As a result, it causes itching at extreme levels. This can lead to eczema. Sometimes, the skin integrity deteriorates in extreme itching. As a result, skin diseases based on infections can be seen. There may be scars on the skin associated with itching.

Protection from Lice

In order to be protected from them, children should be bathed frequently and care should be taken for personal cleanliness. It is not enough just to give importance to personal hygiene, because the greatest feature of lice is infectious. Schools and collective places should be provided with sufficient information on this issue to ensure community awareness. The presence of lice in one person in a collective environment can affect an entire community.


It will not be a single treatment. As a family you need a collective treatment. They do not disappear spontaneously without doing anything. The most effective method in this regard is medicated shampoos sold on the market. These shampoos are applied with a hairbrush and after a while waiting, they are scanned with a comb called lice comb. They can only be cleaned in this way because the white eggs are very sticky. This method has to be applied at regular intervals for a few weeks.

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