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Mistakes Made While Growing A Baby

Growing a baby is a difficult process. In this process, mother and father have important tasks. Using hearsay information when undertaking these tasks can damage your baby in a long or short time. Your first consultant should be your doctor when you raise your baby. With his knowledge, you can meet your baby’s needs correctly. Here Mistakes made during raising a child:

Giving babies formula thinking their breast milk isn’t enough

In the first few months, in the first 6 months to be specific, it is only necessary to give the baby breast milk. For this reason, you should avoid giving your baby any other food. But in some cases it can be given. Of course you can’t decide on this alone. Some mothers prefer to give their baby formula, thinking that her breast milk is inadequate. However, it can easily be understood whether the breast milk is enough or not. You should first look at your baby’s urine to suspect this issue. If your baby pees at least 5 or 6 times a day, it is enough. If you are still hesitant, however, you are advised to go to your doctor.

Overweight Children Are Healthy Thought

It is generally believed that overweight and robust children are healthier among the public. What we mean is not obesity, of course. But plumpy kids are always believed to be healthier. It is important to remember that every child is different. They all have different genetic heritage. For this reason all children can’t be in the same weight and image. Since each child’s body is different, you should decide in consultation with your doctor whether your child is healthy. It is also not the right attitude to force your children when they do not want to eat.

Giving Sugared Water to Babies

Sometimes new-born babies have icterus due to the insufficient breast milk of the mother or other causes. There are many hearsay information about icterus. One of the mistakes made during baby raising is to give the baby sugared water. Do not give your baby sugared water to heal icterus, they don’t even given water in the first six months. You need to be in doctor’s control in this regard.

Thought of Child Who Moves A Lot Gets Quickly Sick

In general, mothers are uncomfortable with children having to move too much. Because the quick sweating of the child in motion indicates that they will be sick. Mothers want to stop their heavily sweating children. After that children are forced to sit. However, all mothers need to do is to change children’s clothes and leave them free. It is not a correct move to restrict them when they want to run and play while they still have energy.

Giving Wrong Prizes

Mothers who have difficulties when taking care of their children sometimes choose wrong prizes to stop them. Let’s explain the situation with an example. The child is promised unhealthy food that he/she loves to calm him/her down. Like “if you obey my words I’ll get you a sandwich, or hamburger etc.”.

When raising a child you can make them become healthy and better adults by refraining from these mistakes as much as possible.


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