Nutrition in Children

Make Your Child to Acquire The Habit Of Regular Vegetable Consumption


What parents, especially mothers, most frequently complain about children is probably the child’s eating habits. Children are generally more likely to consume junk food and unhealthy stuff. The colours, appearances and outer packs of unhealthy products are extremely appealing, so no matter how many times you say no and persist, your child will end up consuming them. Foods that have a very important place in children’s nutrition such as fruit and vegetables are much more difficult to consume if not the habit of consumption of them are acquired. It also becomes harder to have them in their daily lives in the future.

Don’t Force Children To Eat

If your child wants to eat meatballs instead of zucchini, it will not work for you to compel that moment, but on the contrary, it will have an opposite effect and will cause your child to alienate from zucchini even more. The path you need to follow shouldn’t be forcing but to make your child love it. First of all, you can include fruits and vegetables to your nutrition so that your child can take you as an example. Parents usually try not to be objective about useful things, but to give their children this habit without changing their own habits. Or when parents consume minimum amount of vegetables, just as a snack for example, and put more to their children’s plates telling that they need to consume more to grow up. This sort of approach alienates children from eating veggies. Remember you are your child’s role model so just like in every issue, he/she takes you as an example in terms of their nutrition. The child who sees their parents consume vegetables lovingly and regularly will of course understand vegetables are healthy and beneficial and it won’t be a problem for them to consume them.

Make the serving of vegetable dishes and fruits more appealing.

Just because fruits have vivid colours they’re easy to being appealingly served, but the vegetables look so unappealing and strange that they melt and lose their shape due to the heavy fibre they contain. Children who are being disgusted by the looks of vegetables like that may cause you have some difficulties when it comes to consuming them. For this reason, your child should pay more attention to the food when you enrich your presentation. You will find that your child can eat more easily when you transform vegetable dish into his/her favourite cartoon character, a dog, a sweet bird, or a child similar to him/herself, by taking advantage of assistive products such as olives, parsley, cheese, tomatoes and corn.


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