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Letters to Parents from A Teeanger

Letters to Parents from A Teeanger

Dear Parents,

I’m 15-year-old. First of all I want to say that I love you very much. You already know that even if we do not get well nowadays. We are always in a state of controversy. I am usually the culprit in the consequences of these discussions. Okay, maybe I’m making mistakes. Maybe I’m going hard on you. But will I be guilty every time? Sometimes you really exaggerate. In every case, you’re trying to blame me for being a teenager. Naturally, when you say so, I react and then I’m disrespectful. I feel myself trapped in such a vicious cycle. Besides, do not you think that you get your hands on me at the moment? I think I need to be a little alone. Sometimes I feel so bored. You get involved in everything. That’s what I’m most nervous about. I want to shout in these situations. The result is again a fight, of course. I guess you do not trust me exactly. What have I done to lose your confidence?

It makes me sad to think like that. Please trust me a little more. Okay, I know that you’re trying to protect me. Of course I cannot understand this feeling without having my child, but I think I am so mature that I can choose my own friend environment. Sometimes I feel like I’m really drowning. And you do not understand me. It’s like you’ve never been a teenager. Everything in life seems to be trying to reverse me. Sometimes I think that the whole world is united against me. I like to being in my room and never getting bothered. It’s like a castle for me. And sometimes you turn into enemies trying to occupy my only sanctuary. Here it all starts here. I can make hard speeches with the boredom of my hard times. You do not try to understand me. All you think is that your good intentions are abused. And that’s where the ropes go. I wish you were trying to empathize. I wish you were a little more understanding. I want you to be proud of me, but I can never please you. You always want more.

I tried to tell my complaints about this letter a little bit. I am also aware of my impulse behaviours to you and I will try to be more calm. I think you will be more understanding to me now. I hope we have better days. I love you very much.

Your son…

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