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With the end of the education, academic year, the rush of the report cards in the parents and the excitement of holiday in children are seen. In the context of statements made by experts, children who have bad grades should never be blamed. In this direction, it is important for parents to spend more productive time on vacation.

The report is not a sign of intelligence or personality

Students may not be able to bring a good report card because of motivation, organization and lack of preparation in the end of two full semesters. The low grades that the child has in his/her report card are not a proof of their intelligence or personality indicator , it can’t be. Making such an assessment is rather unconscious and wrong. Parents have to plan how they should spend time with them during summer vacation if they are upset about the failure of their child’s life.

Talk to your child

Parents should talk to their children about what may be the factors that cause them to have low grades in their report card, and they should come up with a solution with them. Parents should make their children feel understood. Children should not be rebuked and threatened because of the low grades on the report card. It should be talked about what should be done for the upcoming year. With this attitude you will support your child psychologically and strengthen the sense of truest. This also increases the communication power with parents.

Causes of failure

Being threatening, critical, anticipatory, etc., against the children affects the child’s achievement in a bad way. Problems, debates, and witnessing of children among parents have overshadowed the psychological balance of the child. In situations such as moving somewhere else, the arrival of new siblings, the child may become psychologically unbalanced. The fact that there are problems with friends and teachers in the school environment and that the child can’t cope with these problems also affect his/her academic success. An order for children should be established. That is having the time for children to eat, study, take a break, playing games and parents should be aware of it. Children with a good capacity can also be distracted in certain situations. It needs to be approached in such a way as to be a little more understanding and helpful. Late learning is seen in children with learning disabilities. It may also be difficult to read and write in this direction.


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