Nutrition in Children

Is Junk Food Influences Children’s Success?

It’s widely known that child’s eating behaviour and his/her success, health and development go hand in hand. Junk foods always attract children with their colourful packaging, funny looks and tastes. With the strong influence of advertisements that we are exposed to constantly, foods that are unhealthy and eaten in the blink of an eye by children are considered to be a big threat to them. If your child goes to the aisle where all the chips and candies are when you go to the supermarket, then it’s time to be careful. Not just because of hazardous substances in junk foods but another factor is that the way your child’s diet changes. A child who turns up his/her nose at the food made at home may face the opposite problem of excessive appetite.

Do not Force Kids to Eat

Children with excessive appetite might also be a factor in gaining the habit of eating junk food. Forcing a child to eat while playing a game to make them appetent or make them in front of a television might cause the child to become excessively appetite in the future, and even dote upon junk food. According to researches, giving a child extra food apart from their main meal hours thinking that he/she needs it might cause them to have the habit of eating junk food in the future. If parents can’t set a certain time for main meals and follow them and if there’s constant consume of junk food at home, the habit of eating junk food becomes inevitable. Diabetes that is seen in adults and is related to age and weight, namely type 2 diabetes is said to be getting common in children as well according to the researches. The leading factor of the disease that is known as latent diabetes among the society turns out to be more common in fat children.

Prepare a Lunch Box

From infancy, it’s necessary to give children a balanced and regular eating habit. Breastfeeding, at least for 6 moths is essential. — When starting solids slowly after the 6th month, considering that the baby will eat according to its own metabolism you shouldn’t force him/her to eat more. It’s important to keep the use of salt and sugar minimal in children’s food. After the age of 6, the child starts going to school. Children spend most of their time at school and it’s important to prepare them lunch boxes instead of giving pocket money to prompt them to junk food. Putting sandwiches made from whole grain bread prepared with various vegetables and cheese and putting drinks such as ayran and water and having a fruit in the lunch box can be the most practical and healthy way of preparing it. Don’t forget that children are modelling you, for this you-as parents- should bear in mind that the junk food you eat while watching television will be a bad example for your children. Having a snack while watching television and having a quick bite are not healthy and cause obesity and such.

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