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How Should We Introduce Children With The Death Reality?


It is a very mysterious concept for children and it’s really difficult for families to explain death to children. They always have difficulties with it so they prefer postponing the explanation part. In old researches, children under 5 years of age can accept the fact of death, but they do not think that there is life again after death. Considering recent research, children younger than 3 can accept the fact that dead people will not come to the world anymore.

How to Approach to a child that lost his/her parents?

It’s something traumatic and painful to lose one of the parents even for adults, it is shocking and painful for children at the same time. Losing a relative or someone close can cause children to have different moods. The difference in the emotions that children have than adults is to have worries for their future lives. The attitudes of the elders in this regard and their reaction to death determine how children will react to these events. The mourning reactions of children are; objection, fear, rejection, shock, numbness, and so on. If the child who has suffered a loss does not give any response and does not ask about it, it should be encouraged to talk about it. Because a child who can express his / her feelings can easily overcome this process. Having a loss previously may lead children to gain new habits and display new behaviours. In the event of a change in this situation for a longer period of time, an expert should be assisted. If the parent’s condition is getting worse every day because of a serious illness, it is necessary to express to the child that the doctor has done everything necessary, but as a result it is unclear whether his/her parent will recover or improve. If this process is in hospital, visiting the ill relative will relieve the child seriously and will prepare him/her psychologically for the process that will be seen in the future.

Somebody close should tell the child about the death news.

It would be best if the loss is told to the child by parents or people who have an emotional bond with him/her. The bitter truth should be told to the child as soon as possible without postponing. In the event of losing one of the parents, it should be explained to the child phase by phase for them to not to have a trace in their mind in the future. Children should be made clear that death is something that is not be treated.


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