Nutrition in Children


Beneficial nutritions mean they are kept in safe conditions and made ready for consumption. In other words, each of the phases they the nutrition passes has it’s own benefits.

Healthy foods is one of the most important subjects for children in the age of growth and development. Safe nutrition consumption in children is very important for them from the development of the immune system to the development of intelligence.

Quality of the Used Material

The quality of the material used is directly proportionate to being natural. Unfortunately, even many products that are sold in bazaars have intensive agricultural pesticides. Being organic is not enough to consume it in a healthy way. There are some situations that you need to pay attention. Vegetables and fruits should be washed with plenty of water. They should be consumed immediately after they are chopped. You should use different chopping boards and knives for chopping meat and chopping vegetables/fruits. You should use your hands instead of chopping with knife when making a salad.

Cooking Techniques

It is very important that the vegetables and fruits are cooked properly so as not to lose their nutritional values. 90% of the vegetables and fruits is water. Therefore, there is no need to add water when cooking them. Cooking too long will cause them to lose nutritional values. Vegetables should be cooked for maximum 20 minutes. You should not spill the water of any food. Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin. If you spill the water, you will destroy the vitamin in the food. You should not even spill the water of pasta and legumes.

Nutritions That Should Not Be Consumed Together

Although some children love to consume some nutritions together, experts advise not to consume some nutritions together in order to benefit from the vitamins at top level.

Drinking tea at breakfast reduces the iron absorption, so it is better to choose herbal tea.

Red meat should not be consumed with yogurt and ayran, dairy products reduce the iron absorption in meat.

It is not right to consume legumes with dairy products.

Giblets are rich in iron mineral but should not be consumed with dairy products. Consuming them with a salad will strengthen the vitamin absorption.

Offal minerals are rich in iron minerals but should not be consumed with dairy products. Instead of consuming plenty of lemon salad will strengthen the absorption of vitamins.

Spinach should not be consumed with yogurt.

However, if your child does not eat any of these foods without yogurt, it is a matter of parents’ preference.

Storing of Foods

Especially cooked foods should be consumed in a short time. Oils should be kept in light colored bottles and without exposure to sunlight. Egg should be kept in the refrigerator and should be washed before use. It is not right to wash and store beforehand. Keeping vegetables and fruits in colored nylon bags is harmful to health. Storing after washing vegetables and fruity causes quick rot.

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