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The Importance of Playing Games for Kids

The game is almost in first place for children. They are ready to play games all the time. Games are the most beautiful activities for kids. Sometimes mothers prefer games because they stall kids. But in fact games are very important for the development of the child. Parents should make their children play games for their physical and mental development. You can explain everything through games at home or outside. You can approach events from a game perspective. So you can make them like the things they don’t like and even make them gain habits.

Benefits of Playing Games

Playing games has both mental and physical benefits for children. For this reason, you can almost start this together from the crawling stage. Games shouldn’t evoke only running around in your mind. Because you should act accordingly to your child’s age. Let’s start by example from the smallest months.

  • You can teach your child simple moves that will improve hand coordination, such as hand clapping, hand waving. You can enjoy doing them together.
  • If your baby begins to crawl, you can play small games with him/her, by instructing him/her to approach places constantly. If your child can crawl, he/she is almost ready to walk. You can help you child’s movement ability to improve by putting objects that will draw his/her attention nearby and set them as a target. So you can support your child to reach that object. When your child achieves the goal, you can cheer him/her up and support him/her in a way that makes him/her happy.
  • In order to help your children that just started to walk, you can move along with them and support them. You can make small races with them by taking harmful and breakable items away in the house. The child you are running with, the child you are having fun with is physically motivated enough and at the same spends his/her energy happily. The child whose parents play with him/her is happier than child who is adrifted. Feeling family support and love will give children energy and boost their confidence. Being a happier and healthier individual also depends on the interest and love the child sees in childhood.
  • When playing games like puzzle, you can join your child instead of leaving him/her alone. Because it is not a distraction tool for children to stop them crying. Everything is a game for them. They see everything as a game. If you are aware of this, you can overcome many problems with this method. One of the most important methods that a mother should use is play. If you give your child an example in games, he/she will bring you more. So child’s hand skills will also develop. Over time, mental development will be observed.

If your children are constantly crying and complaining about mischief, tell them about everything by amusing them. If you can’t make your child eat anything play eating games together. If they don’t like washing hands, play handwashing games. This way, besides playing games for daily necessities besides you can use this game method for any other thing.


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