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The Importance of Education in Child Development

From the moment of birth, children they begin to learn and gain habits. Learning is a lifelong process. At home, at school, among friends; when conscious or implicit learning are considered, every place is a learning domain for children. This includes positive and negative learnings.

Child and Education

Education begins within the family and completed at school. The emotional and mental development of the child is founded at home, in the family. This base requires school education on top. If there are deficiencies of parents in the family, this situation can be recognized and supported at school. In the event of mistakes made by parents who are not competent in child development, professional help might be needed. On the other hand, the impact of school in children development shouldn’t be forgotten.

  • Schools should give importance to the child’s physical and mental development as well as his/her self-development and help them improve their skills and to recognize their abilities.
  • Students in school age can be influenced by their teacher and see him/her as a role model. For this reason, a healthy bond between teacher and children should be developed based on love and respect.
  • One of the greatest contributions of schools to students is to teach them to take responsibilities. Moreover, even going to school every day can be considered as a responsibility. The homework given in the school, the tasks and the completion of these studies are important in developing the sense of responsibility. Competition should be avoided during such activities. Instead of competition the focus should be on teamwork. Learning to work with a team will have positive effects on child’s career in the future.
  • Students should have the right and opportunities to organize social activities collectively. Social activities enable children to develop in every aspect and this provides a better future for them. A lot of responsibilities fall to teacher when doing all these activities. Because in today’s education system, teacher is the guide. It’s teacher’s responsibility to guide the children. Sometimes teachers should support children to learn on they own and do all the tasks. They should always make children feel they’re with them. Students should overcome their deficiencies with the help of their teachers.

Schools are not places for just learning, but also places that consider children’s social and physical development. The mental and psychological comfort of the child will affect his/her success positively.

Apart from the activities at school, families’ approach at home is important too. Child’s education should be supported by his/her parents at home. Parents should listen to the children, help them with their lessons, and be able to support them on issues they are worried about.


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