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Breakfast is the most important meal for both adults and children. Although it is the most important meal, it is the most neglected one at the same time.

The Importance of Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal after 8-10 hours of hunger. In all this time the child does not eat anything. The essential ingredient that the human brain needs to work is glucose. The body needs glucose after hours of starvation. It is difficult for brain to perform it’s functions because blood sugar is low. That is why breakfast is very important.

The breakfast habit is life-long if it is practiced in childhood or even during infancy.

Especially in children who are in the era of growth and development, the importance of breakfast cannot be discussed. Children should receive enough nutrients from all nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in sufficient quantities for growth and development.

If Children Do Not Have Breakfast

The increase in school success has been observed in children who do breakfast while the school success of children who do not have breakfast decreases.

Especially when fighting with obesity, breakfast is the most important meal. Obesity is more common in children who do not have breakfast.

Blood sugar is balanced with regular and right breakfast.

It is important for the operation of the nervous system.

Breakfast is the most important meal supporting growth and development.

Right Breakfast

One of the biggest problems today is that children eat only one type of food. Particularly in school children, the behavior of not wanting to eat breakfast foods such as olives, cheese and eggs is frequently observed. Instead, toast or breakfast cereals are consumed every day. In fact, it is wrong to say that they are unhealthy, but if they are consumed constantly, this means there is not a balanced diet so they are unhealthy.

Calcium source milk and dairy products must be consumed at breakfast. Seasonal vegetables can be consumed in season. Tomato, cucumber and pepper can be consumed. Egg is one of the most important food sources. An egg should be consumed every day. You can make different foods using eggs so your child does not get bored. Eggs should definitely be organic.

Olives are breakfast foods that can be consumed every day. If you make olives at home rather than buying them, you will be saved from the damages of the intensive additives.

Toast or breakfast cereals may be preferred as an alternative. However, after a short period of time, especially for breakfast cereals, an additional meal with protein should be preferred.

Children should not drink tea at breakfast. Tea prevents iron absorption from foods. Instead, milk, freshly squeezed juice or herbal teas should be preferred.

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