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How to encourage children?

Feeling of fear has had a great impact on individuals in achieving their current level of development. The first human, who lived centuries ago, was afraid of the effects created by other forces around him/her, but by using hi/hers courage and skill to develop in the face of fear, he/she was alive and well preserved. The world we are currently living in is an end product, a product of courage. Learning by living, experiencing, children’s senses of discovering, living, connecting, researching by means of participation means literally learning. Because of this, children get to know the world better when they play games or do sports. Children ask help from their parents in order to learn by living and experiencing. They discover the environment and the nature. Changes of becoming confident and brave individuals and lead a successful life depend on learning by living an experiencing.

Do not forget that worry is contagious

Parents are worried about their children. The concern comes with the feeling of worry is reinforced with unreal expectations and information. Anxious parents’ voice tone, face expression, body angle can also be transmitted to the child very easily and the child can display the same reactions. The contagious feeling of anxiety causes parents to miss their primary goals. The more parents take firm steps and be confident, the more children will take them as an example and display the same behaviour.

Situations that prevent you from taking steps

Ignoring the things that will make you fear or believing that there’s nothing to fear will prevent you from taking steps. If there’s really nothing to fear of then there’s nothing to do. But the frightening situation will keep exist even if it comes from back. It is impossible for us to remain unresponsive. And then we are faced with the situation that we generally fear and do not accept.  For this reason, parents should first be conscious of this issue in the real sense and should get psychological help if necessary, and then be an example to their children in this regard. Make them feel safe at every moment of your life. This will be a great help for them to take more confident steps.


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