Nutrition in Children

How Should Nutrition Be In Babies?

Infants’ nutrition needs to be handled sensitively. Since babies’ digestive systems aren’t developed yet, they should only be fed with breast milk when they are born. Their nutrition will change from month to month. But during the first 6 months babies need breast milk. Nutrition is best provided with mother’s milk without any additional food, not even As the content of the mother’s milk changes according to the baby’s development and needs, there is no need for any other food. After 6 months, the baby can have additional food but still they’re limited.

When babies are fed poorly, mental functions and physical conditions will be negatively affected. It is known that infants who do not get adequate and balanced nutrition are infected more frequently.

The Period After Birth

The first feeding happens within the next half hour after the delivery. The baby should be kept in the mother’s breast within half an hour of the birth. This is important for babies and mothers because the first connection between the baby and the mother takes place at this time. It’s also important that the baby is given to the mother, or more precisely,helping the baby with sucking as the breast milk comes that way. This period is also important for the baby to get used to the mother’s breasts.

About nutrition after childbirth it can be said that the breast milk may be produced enough within the first days. During this period, the mother shouldn’t give up on breastfeeding. On the contrary, she should keep it going because the breast milk increases with breastfeeding. For this, mother should be patient.

The milk produced within the first days called colostrum. This milk is thicker than normal. It comes less than usual and eventually leaves its place to the normal milk. This first milk has an important effect on improving the baby’s immune system. It’s known for increasing the resistance to microbes.

How Often Mothers Should Breastfeed?

Especially women who become a mother for the first time don’t know how often they should breastfeed their babies. Experts suggest breastfeeding in every 2 hours. This figure is considered average and appropriate in preventing of gas pandemic. But in the first days, what you should do is to listen your baby. You should breastfeed your baby every time he/she cries. So baby’s crying will determine the time for feeding. Whenever the baby is hungry, be it day or night, he/she will wake up crying and wake you up too. A few months later you will know your baby better and things will be easier.

When Breastfeeding Should Be Stopped?

Breast milk is considered as fundamental food. In the first 6 months babies should be breastfed and after some additional foods can be given. Children can be breastfed until they’re 2 years old. Not all the mothers can breastfeed for that long. But the most important period is known as first 6 months.

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