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Height Weight Development In Children

Height weight development in children is one of the topics that parents are most interested in. Parents who calculate the height and weight of their children every month require their children to pass the developmental period in the most correct way.

Children have developmental periods. These periods also have the same developmental tasks. The fulfillment of these duties means that appropriate development is maintained. For example, at the ages of 2 and 3, toilet training is given. Because children have developed muscles to keep their toilet in this period. So they came to the capacity to do that. It is expected that the tasks of that will be fulfilled during these development periods. If the behavior is not acquired in time, the other turn is transmitted. This may be difficult for the other term.

Development In Terms of Height And Weight In Children

Height weight development in children are called growth. Development on its own means broader meaning. The earliest periods of growth are the first years. In the first 6 months, the first year, the first 2 years, the growth rate increases and at the end of the 2nd year it reaches 4 times more.

The Fastest Growing Periods

The fastest periods of physical growth in children are the first years and puberty. In other words, after birth a rapid growth in weight and height is observed for several years. Later in adolescence, very rapid physical development is observed. These two periods are extremely important periods in terms of height and weight development. Children who develop rapidly in the first years are slow to grow in their first childhood. During this period, height and weight gain is rather slow. Because other features begin to develop.

The Importance of Breast Milk In Development

We mentioned that your child will have developmental periods. These periods are generally known. However, there may be minor changes in the individual characteristics and environment of each child. Other than that, periods are almost certain. It is becoming conscious of parents and siblings to get through these periods in the best possible way. Apart from this, in the first years, breast milk is very important for the development of infants. Mother’s milk has no food. As their baby grows and develops in the same way, their needs change. Breastmilk changes its content according to this development. This miraculous event is only present in the mother’s milk. For this reason, if you want your child to develop in terms of height and weight and in terms of all characteristics, you should give him enough breast milk.

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