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It is essential for children to be fed healthy for growing and continue their life as healthy individuals. The nutritions that children take during their growth are among the essentials for a healthy life. Child nutrition has a great importance at the period between infancy and adulthood. However, you should prefer natural foods while feeding your child.

How Healthy Are the Nutritions?

The fact that children hate vegetables and fruits which is one of the biggest problems of today does not mean that we cannot bring them a healthy eating habit. The children who are fed with junk food and ready-to-eat food can say “no” to vegetables and fruits later on and can face the problem of obesity.

Children take examples of their eating and drinking habits from their parents in the same way as they take examples of their behaviours. For this reason, parents have important duties in order to bring healthy eating habits in the family for the children. If you want your child to have a healthy eating habit, you should have healthy foods at home, the family should have regular eating habits at the main meals, you should sit down with all the family members while eating. If your child has irregular and unhealthy nutrition problems, you should first take a look at your own eating habits. If the mother or father does not like vebetables, it is more likely that the child does not like it and does not want to eat.

The eating habits vary according to the child’s age. Nutrition of children who grow up quickly should consisted of natural foods. Whether the child is fed enough or not can be easily understood from the growth and development situation. For the healthy growth of children, they should eat every food with enough amounts. Children aged 2-5 years are recommended to consume one or two portions of vegetables, one or two medium fruit, bread and a group of dry legumes once or twice a week during the day. It is best not to add salt to the children’s meals. However, those who have problems about this can use salt by reducing the amount. Iron deficiency, which is the biggest problem in childhood, usually occurs as a result of nutritional deficiency and anemia occur.

It is beneficial not to ignore some of the recommendations for regular eating habits in children. For example, instead of having fatty foods like cola, chips and chocolate at home, you should keep foods such as fruits, vegetables. You should never skip a meal. Give your child some healthy natural foods instead of ready-to-eat foods in their lunch boxex. Do not let them shop from the canteen. Never skip breakfast, which is the most important meal. Teach the table culture and put food on plates as the amount that they will eat. Try to give the child seasonal fruits and vegetables. You will see that your child will adapt your eating habits over time and he/she will be prepared for a healthier life.

The biggest mistake parents make is to give up quickly. If you make this type of nutrition as a lifestyle and insist on this, your children will adapt after a while.

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