Habit of Thumb Sucking In Children

Habit of Thumb Sucking In Children

Thumb sucking behavior is seen in children up to 3-4 years old without any psychological reasons. Babies will sometimes suck their fingers reflexively. This habit is harmless behavior and a reflex learned in the womb of the mother. Sometimes, however, the thumb sucking habit may go to advanced stage. Finger sucking habits are more common in girls than in boys. In children older than 2 years, finger sucking habits cause tooth structure disorders. After 6 years, the risk of having a bad teeth structure is increasing in the ongoing finger sucking habit. Parents are usually anxious but finger sucking habits begin to decrease as children begin to school. Finger sucking and bedwetting problems in preschool period are generally regarded as similar situations. Instead of anxiety in such situations, you should seek help from an expert and take the necessary precautions.

Reasons for Thumb Sucking

Problems such as inadequacy of mother-child relationship and lack of confidence may arise on the basis of finger sucking. The finger sucking habit, which is directly proportional to sleep, has the possibility of completely disappearing in the child’s later ages. Trauma, fear, sudden death that children experience in their young age can cause finger sucking. This behavior is more often observed in children who do not receive enough attention from the family. The child feels lonely with the birth of a new sibling, and the child can gain a finger sucking habit in terms of feeling of confidence. Parents should not treat bad to their children. Because this will cause the child to go into a psychologically worse situation and become obsessed with the habit.

When you look at the children sucking fingers around you, you will see that there are a lot of brothers and sisters in the family and the children are not cared.

How to Prevent

  • Efforts should be made to stop breast feeding early.
  • Specialists recommend using a pacifier instead of a finger sucking.
  • Because children who use a pacifier during infancy will have a lower sucking rate during the later childhood, it is supported.
  • Parents should express patiently that finger sucking is a bad behavior.
  • Activities such as painting, playing games and making puzzles should be done to keep the child busy.
  • Imaginary fear statements should not be said.
  • The child should be made aware that it is not difficult to stop this behavior.

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