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Greatest mistakes made when raising children

No parents will do anything to intentionally hurt their child. However sometimes we can do so without notice. The momentous behaviour we make by their willingness can turn into a habit that will be badly reflected in the long run. If you are aware of these behaviours and you are still doing it, we have prepared the guide for you parents.

Always helping the child

Being a mother or a father is also a sensitive issue. We are aware of it. How can you say no to your child when he/she is hurt or when ask you for help? Even seeing your child you get down off your high horse. However, contrary to what you think knowing that you will be there for him/her in every case, he affects your child negatively. Children who grow up thinking that their parents will be there for every circumstance and situation can’t improve their confidence, or they avoid solving the problems they face thinking that their parents will solve it for them anyway. If you do not want to raise a child who is not self-sufficient and always dependent on you, you should not go and offer a hand each time your child fails. If there is nothing serious and he/she can handle it then he/she should do it alone. Every time your child doesn’t do his/her homework you shouldn’t do it for him/her. Assignments are tasks for his/her personal development and success. There is no contribution to it except getting good grades from homework, and the most important thing in life is not even that. If your child can’t do his/her homework, you can tell him/her to review the topic he/she is having a trouble with and then try again or you can tell your child to as it to his/her teacher at school.

Don’t give whatever children want when they cry

Perhaps the most common mistake made is to obstinate with the child about what he/she demands, make him cry, and when it becomes unbearable giving what he/she wants. If your child will get whatever he/she wants in the end, why do you make him/her cry at the first place? Or if what you don’t allow isn’t good for her, if not necessary, why do you let her cry? When child realise this imbalance in your behaviour, which is your weak point he/se use crying as a weapon against you and get whatever he/she wants. Especially, in such situations when you are public, you can easily swallow the bait so that others are not disturbed. But don’t do it. Prevent your child from getting the habit of crying to get whatever he/she wants. Explicitly explain to him/her why he/she can’t get what he/she wants. If your child keeps crying, just let it go. He/she will be the one who gives up.


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