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Gastritis And It’s Treatment In Children

Gastritis in children occurs who have inflammation of the mucous layer of the inner surface of the scalp. The gastritis caused by the route virus is more common, especially in children in school age. The reason for this is irregular and wrong nutrition.

This is quite common in children who consume food and drink additives, are fed with ready-to-eat foods and do not comply with hygiene regulations. Proper nutrition in gastritis is quite common and another cause of this disease is the bacteria called “Helicobacter Pylori”. This contagious bacterium is being picked up from around the child and from the food he ate.

Children should be encouraged to eat vegetables, kept away from ready-to-eat food. As long as they are fed regularly and balancedly, children will be minimally exposed to these bacteria.

Abdominal pain, which is common in children, is called chronic abdominal pain if it lasts for three months. This condition is observed in children and the cause of abdominal pain is tried to be understood. It is often seen that the cause of abdominal pain in children is gastritis, which is a stomach illness.

Symptoms of Gastritis In Children

Gastritis is divided into acute and chronic.

Chronic gastritis progresses without symptoms and inflammation in the stomach has developed. It manifests itself as swelling, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, decreased appetite. The treatment of gastritis in children starts with these complaints.

Symptoms of acute gastritis are similar, and the patient expresses the pain of the abdomen increased when he is hungry. In cases where acute gastritis progresses, stool is blackened.

Gastritis is diagnosed by the pediatrician or gastroenterologist. Listening to complaints will be enough to make the diagnosis of the illness. However, in some cases, endoscopy is performed and a definitive diagnosis will be made, if the suspicion has occurred, a midline biopsy is recommended.

What Are the Gastritis Treatments In Children?

Gastritis, which must be treated absolutely, can lead to severe discomfort in cases where it progresses. If there are no bacteria in the cause, gastric acid-regulating drugs should be used and the diet should be regulated.

Antibiotic treatment should be started with the approval of the physician taking into consideration the formation of bacteria.

Beside all this, to be protected from discomfort, regular and balanced diet should be done, the night eatings should be cut off because the stomach will work all night long. Care should be taken not to eat anything at least 3 hours before bed, and very hot or cold foods should not be consumed. Foods should be chewed thoroughly as they are small.

Considering the psychology of the child, treatment and its methods should be considered.

In this article we have discussed gastritis and it’s treatment in children, we wish healthy days.

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