Nutrition in Children

What Foods Help Your Child To Grow Taller?

Your child can be shorter than his/her peers because of various reasons. This situation might worry families thinking that their child is short. Growth plaques in the tip of the bones help growth in children and there are 3 important factors are needed for it.

Genetic Factors

The growth in height can be observed due to genetic factors. Each child takes his/her height genes from both his/her mother and father independently from each other. Growth in height is supported notably by growth hormones, sex hormones and thyroid hormones as well. A good and enough sleep is also among the factors that help getting taller. As the growth hormone of children is secreted during sleep, it’s important for families to help their children with gaining the habit of getting enough sleep. The eating and sleeping hours of children must also be planned and followed religiously.

Nutrition is Also Effective in Growing Taller

Nutrition is one of the most important factors for growing in the first years of children. The most important consequence of poor and inadequate nutrition is short stature. A balanced and adequate nutrition program is necessary. Adequate intake of minerals, vitamins and proteins will be effective in growing taller. Foods that contain calcium and vitamin D need to be consumed as they increase the activity of the growth hormone. Consuming zinc-bearing food and the gaining the habit of regular exercising support growing taller.

Children in the age of growth and development need to take 800 mg of calcium daily. Children between the ages 1 and 9 need to drink 2 glasses of low fat milk and eat 30 grams of cheese, and definitely have an egg in their diet every day. Children in this age need to consume these regularly every day to provide the necessary calcium and vitamin D. Among fishes salmon has vitamin D3, which helps healthy growth and provides bone development. For this reason it’s important for children to consume it. As zinc is one of the minerals that are effective in growing taller adding lamb, unsalted pumpkin seed, cashews to children2s diet support growing taller. It’s necessary to cook lean lamb meat twice a week and giving your children healthy snacks and keeping them away from junk food. Activities such as skipping a rope, swimming, volleyball and basketball are effective in the development of the child. Remember skipping a rope is the most effective for growing taller and pay attention to your child’s nutrition and exercise.

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