Nutrition in Children


According to many scientific researches carried out, children’s intelligence development is not only related to genetic factors but also family care, nutrition and environment. There are factors which affect the development of children’s intelligence even in pregnancy and after the birth. If the parents know well these factors that affect the child’s intelligence, they will contribute to the child’s intelligence development in a positive way.

In the pregnancy period, the nutrition of mother is very important fort he mental and physical health of the baby. As soon as she learns the pregnancy, the nutrition of future mother is very important. With adequate and balanced intake of vitamins is a majör contributor to the development of the baby’s brain and central nervous system. Experts suggest nutrition supplements such as walnut and fish to directly improve the child’s intelligence. On the other hand, with the sport activities during pregnancy, increase in blood flow is very important for the intelligence development of children. According to some experts, if mothers lay on the left side, it affects the development of intelligence positively by supporting the blood flow that goes to baby.

Intelligence Development is Not Limited to Genes

“Intelligence development is genetic” view is wrong and it is seen as an obstacle for the child mind, which is actually convenient for development. Child intelligence, which is always convenient for development, can go much higher than his/her parents intelligence when positively supported after the birth. When we think that intelligence development is directly related to healthy functioning of other systems in the child’s body, it is important to remember that environmental conditions, nutrition and even the infections of the child are effective.

Nutrition In Mental Development                                                             

According to the researches, it is revealed that healthy individuals are one step ahead in every field. Natural nutrition and to stay as far away from ready-made foods as possible is important both for their health and intelligence development.

Be Careful When Choosing Toys

Parents should choose the toys very carefully because they are very important for the child’s intelligence development. Toys which will keep busy the children should be chosen because children discover their environment by touching and looking. It is very important that you take care of your child’s choices in toy choice. In this way, you will support your child’s intelligence development positively in accordance with your child’s interests.

Danger of Technological Devices

The excessive involvement of children with technological devices, which have become dangerous of recen years, causes important disadvantages in their mental development. Usage duration of technological devices such as tablets, phones, computers and televisions which cause dying of brain cells should be as short as possible.

Besides all of these things, spendingp plenty of time with your child and support him/her in accordance with his/her interests and skills contribute to intelligence development. As in every subject, you should not preserve the affection from your child and make feel that how much you love him/her both verbally and with gestures. This will affect his/her intelligence development as a part of positive development.

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