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Emotional Bond Between Girls and Their Fathers

Emotional Bond Between Girls and Their Fathers

Ali ibn Abi Talib tells about the education of children: “Bring up your children with regard to the time they live, rather than the time you lived.” Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the circumstances of the time that children live while raising them.


Many researches have been carried out about family. One of the researches shows the effect of the relationship between the father and daughter on the daughter. Expert researches showed that daughters are very fond of their fathers. Despite their identification with their mothers, their relationship with their fathers is quite different. Because father is the first man that the daughter knows. For this reason, the daughters are overly fond of their fathers and there is a strong bond between them. The fact that daughters are so addicted to their fathers increases the responsibility for the father.


The Effect of Father and Daughter Relationship on Daughters


Firstly, we should state that the relationship between the father and the daughter shapes the character of the daughter. At the same time it allows the daughter to get an impression of what to think about the male-female relationships. Therefore, the attitude of the father to his daughter is very important. The influence of the father on his daughter is so deep that she will be looking for the characteristics of her father in the man that she will marry later. If there is a negative father model, this time the daughter will try to stay away from the man who is similar to her father.


How Fathers Approach to Their Daughters

The father should be understanding to his daughter, respect her feelings and thoughts, and prepare the environment to express herself. If the father is disrespectful and rude to his daughter’s thoughts, the daughter’s view of the woman-man relationship is shaped according to this and this usually takes a negative shape. Every positive action of the father will be positively reflected to his daughter and thus will positively contribute to the daughter’s personality development.


Fathers should be very consistent to their daughters. They should not be completely rigid and authoritarian and vice versa. Just as doing everything that children want affect them negatively, not doing anything they want affect them negatively as well.


The father and daughter should spend time together and do various activities together such as going to cinema, theater, shopping, hiking.


There are certain rules and limitations at the every stage of life. The father will definitely put some rules and boundaries for his daughter depending on his beliefs, culture and values. He should explain these rules and boundaries with their reasons and emphasize that life should be surrounded by certain rules.


The rules and restrictions about daughters should not be changed according to the situations and should be valid under all the circumstances and conditions. Mothers should support the fathers in implementing these rules. Otherwise, the application of the rules will not be easy.

The father should tell his daughter what she can do when she experiences any negativity.

The most common problem that fathers have with their daughters is clothing, time of leaving home and arrival. In this respect, fathers should act with the scope of rules and they should be solution focused rather than being arguing.

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