Effects of School Environment on Child Health


When we think about the contact with microbes, we can conclude that it is happening first through our hands. In this regard, hand cleaning and hygiene are the most important parts. Not being careful enough in hand hygiene leaves the body vulnerable to microbe and most diseases. Diseases such as cold, flu, jaundice, intestinal parasites and hepatitis A cause enter our bodies through hands and spread to the others the same way. In a school environment where a lot of children are gathered together, children are more likely to encounter infectious diseases. With a few precautions, it is possible for the children to strengthen the immune system and keep the microorganisms away from them.  It is necessary that children conscious of hand hygiene because of the possibility of microbes being trapped in the crowded areas and they go through the body directly by hand canal.

Basic conditions to wash hands

Before and after the meals, before you start preparing meals, when you come in contact with raw food, when you get inside the house, before and after sleep, after sneezing and coughing, before you start to clean your mouth, teeth, after contact with animals, after touching objects contacted by a large number of people, such as telephone, money, etc., after and before and after the use of the toilet, after a job with dust and water, after visiting a sick person.

If hands aren’t washed properly, it allows the micros to enter the body

It is of utmost importance to take care of hand cleaning and to make a proper hand cleaning in this direction. It is possible to avoid many infectious diseases by paying particular attention to hand washing. Children acquire many habits from their parents they also take them as examples in the process of washing their hands. For this reason, parents need to pay attention to their hand hygiene without forgetting that they are role models for their children. There are some points that need to be taken into consideration when teaching hand hygiene to children. Since it’s not known whether the tap is cleaned properly or not, it should be opened using paper towels. After the hands are soaked and soaped, soaping should be made to all hands and wrists and each part of the hand should be rubbed for about 30 seconds. Being sure that the soap is thoroughly cleansed, it is the basic rules to be well established in order to be able to avoid the fungus formation.


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