Nutrition in Children

What should be done to make children gain nutrition habits?

Children’s eating habits is one of the issues that mothers are most concerned about. Many mothers have complaints like “my child is not eating, he/she is very picky”. In fact, they can’t think that this situation originates from their wrong approach. Some children may be less likely to eat as a structure. But habits about nutrition are very important. Nutritional habits are acquired. The place where the children lead their lives with their parents is their environment. Their friends are also their environment.. In other words, we can think of everything around the child when we say environment. For this reason, we should behave the way we want them to become in the future. As for nutrition, we should not expect them to eat the things we don’t eat.

Small but Effective Tips for Nutrition

Your approach is very important when your child is fed. Of course, if you treat your child like an adult, he/she will not want to eat. You should know how to behave according to hi/hers age and learn to behave accordingly.

Decorate the plate: decorating the plate is a small but important detail. The smile you make using the food on the plate will make your child smile too If you decorate the other dishes and put them in front your child, it will be an interesting experience for him/her. Remember, kids love things that draw their attention.

Don’t Force Them To Eat: Children definitely shouldn’t be forced to eat. If you worry that your child will be left hungry, the continuity of this behaviour will last for a lifetime. For this reason, instead of forcing them, you should respect your child’s preference instead of offering them food several times. Then you should leave him/her alone. What will happen next? Probably he/she will eat plenty of junk food. If, he/she can find some … It is your duty not to leave junk food around. Since they are ready to serve food mostly, you should know they aren’t healthy for your child. In addition, after children eat these foods they will be alienated from eating. A child who can’t find a snack around will wait a while and eat his/her meal. It really is a good way to wait until your child is really hungry.

Make Eating Playful: The name of our game is eating game. You should explain this game to your child. Using your imagination, you can make your child play this game. Since your child will want to try this game with his/her toys, you should give him/her examples and tell this game can’t be played with toys. You should make your child enjoy this process with playful approaches.

One of the mistakes you can make when you are trying your child to gain eating habits is to chase the child. Children should be educated in a sense of responsibility from the early ages. It may be wrong to think that your child can learn it later. He/she should learn to eat his/her own food. It will be a positive act to allow themselves to eat by putting food in front of your child even if they pour it.


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